Weekly Analysis of Gold USD per Oz with the Gann’s Theory

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Gold Weekly Analysis

With the bullish breakout  of $ 1,181.60 gold has restored the positivity weekly:

the uptrend will meet first dynamics resistance  to $ 1,193 and $ 1,202.

Only with the violation of the minimum of $ 1,128.38 gold  will manifest a new negative trend  that will bring to test supports to  the first $ 1,127.

Study with the  Gann’s Theory:

With the bullish breakout  of the Set Up weekly of 7.11.14 , gold has recovered little positivity ‘: first dynamics resistance  to $ 1,193; $ 1,202; $ 1,220.

Only an eventual violation of the bottom of the Set Up weekly 7:11:14 to $ 1128 would restore a negative trend, which will have dynamic support to the first $ 1,127.

There are no additional Set Up weekly until the week of 11/28/14

SETTIMANALE 14 novembre 14 inglese


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