EURO YEN ANNUAL 2014 Analisys with Gann’s Theory

Euro Yen Annual Update 2014

During the time signal of the year 2013, the euro has broken  upside, concluding with a top top of  145.69 and closure annual to 144,73.

2014 is a time closing signal   : the breakout  of 145.89 will confirm positivity  in progress, with dynamics resistance  to 155.62 .

The wait for the conclusion of  2014 Inside the candelstick of 2013, as written  in the last forecast was justified by the strong closure signal generated  in 2012. However we’ll see  its effects within  2015 .

Study with the  Gann’s Theory:

Set Up In 2013, the euro has broken upward with a top to 145.69 .

The year 2012   was double closure Set-Up . The expectation for 2014 was to fix on inside the candelstick  year 2013

The ‘2014 is new annual closure Set Up
in breakage positivity, the   bullish trend meet first dynamics resistance  to 155.62 and any positive closure for 2014 will strengthen ‘the most potential correction on 2015.

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Massetti Francesco

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