Euro Dollaro Monthly Trend with Gann’s Theory

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Euro Dollar November’s trend  2014

In October 2014, the euro has broken downside the bottom of the previous month with a price of 1.2483 and with a close of  1.2524. The month of November 2014 is a time signal important : breaking 1.2463 the Euro  will confirm negative trend .First supports 1.2483 and 1.2013, with a target price of  1.2143.

The positive break of 1.29 will block negative trend, and the new positivity’  will has ‘resistance to 1.3060.

Study with the Gann’s Theory: 

In the Set Up Monthly October 2014, Euros   broke  downside the bottom of September 2014 arriving at  the price at time of  1.2483.

November 2014 will be ‘the last time signal of this year:  with  breakout  of 1.2463 the Euro  will confirm the negative trend that will has ‘the first dynamic support  zero to 1.2483; 1.2013; with time price of 1.2143.

Any violation of the top 1.29 stop trend  the negative trend, and the new positivity of medium-term will has ‘the first dynamics resistance at 1.3060 .


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