Analysis Dollar Index Montly of November 2014 with the Gann’s Theory

Dollar Index Monthly Trend November 2014

In October 2014, the index has broken to the upside with a top at 87.13 confirming the positivity ‘of the powerful signal of time in August 2014.

In November 2014 will be  Pivot another time: the bullish breakout  of 87.33 will confirm’ positivity ‘in progress.

First dynamics resistance  at 88.70 and; 89.60 and 90.75

The breakout  of 84.27 will block positive  ‘trend.  In this case the supports will have the value 83.22

Study with the  Gann’s Theory:

In October 2014, the index has confirmed the positivity ‘, driving up from the Set Up of August 2014.
In November 2014 will be  the last of the year time signal:
Up side breakout  of 87.33 will confirm the bullish ‘positivity’ in progress with dynamics resistance  to 90,75 and static to  88,70; 89,60.

The  breakout  of 84.27 will block positive  ‘trend going on. New negativity ‘will have’ the first dynamic support to 83.22.

The Set Up Monthly closing of September 2014 (double square minimum), suggests the next two units’ temporal closure equal to or less than 85.91.

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